Better Pack 333 Service Videos from Tigerseal

Better Pack 333 Service Videos

From simple quick fixes, like replacing the handle return spring, to complete machine tear downs, these service videos can help you fix any issue with your Better Pack 333 Tape Dispenser. If you have any questions, call and speak to a technical representative at 1-800-899-9389

How To Replace Handle Return and Crank Tensioner Springs – no tools required

Moistening Issues- Tape Cutting Issues

Replacing the Handle and Main Gear Assemblies

Replacing the Metal Upper Feed Wheel – Upgrade to Neoprene Style Wheel

These last 2 videos show how to dis-assemble the 333 and replace the original lower tape plate. This plate does rust through right behind the water tank and moistening brushes. Replacing it with a stainless steel plate is a better way to go. This plate will not rust The new stainless steel plate includes extra stainless steel fasteners. We also offer a complete Rebuild Kit for your 333


Replacing The Lower Tape Plate Part 1 – Removing the Lower Tape Plate

PART 2 – Replacing the Old Lower Tape Plate with Stainless Steel Plate

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