Honeywell-Datamax ThermaMAX™ TMX1500 Wax Ribbon (formerly GPR+ wax, IQ wax)

Resin-enhanced wax ribbon formulation offers improved durability, excellent density and print quality on papers and mid-range film label and tag products. Recommended for use with thermal transfer papers and Mid-range film substrates including

• Duratran II Paper Label • Duratran II Paper Tag • Duratran KS Label
• Duratran Syntran Label • Duratran Pro Label • Duratran Pro Tag

When paired with compatible labels and tags, Honeywell’s ThermaMAX TMX1000 series of ribbons produces sharp text and bar codes on a broad range of materials, both papers and films, with durability above many competing wax ribbons. The TMX1000 series is engineered to provide an
economical solution for most general use applications.

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Honeywell Datamax Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Tigerseal Products

Better Together
The Honeywell  media solution has added
advantages when paired with Datamax
• Co-engineered printers and media ensure consistent print quality and

• Thermal transfer printability allows on-demand generation of durable labels, eliminating high cost and inventory obsolescence associated with preprinting
• When Datamax media is used exclusively with Datamax printers, the Free
Printhead Replacement Program offers
significant cost savings

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