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Postal meter labels for package mailing

Postage Tape for All Postage Meters

Apply a multipurpose postal meter label (postage tape) when a package is non-machineable. These packages include bulky envelopes and boxes. Postage tape should have aggressive multi-purpose adhesive and good absorption properties to avoid peeling labels and smudging on the indicia (imprint).

Postage tape can be fed to your postal meter (mailing machine) from a hopper or by manually inserting a label card when postage is needed. Most postal tape is in the form of sheets with pressure-sensitive adhesive, but a few meters require postal tape rolls with pressure-sensitive or water-activated (gummed) adhesive.

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Key Benefits

  • Made In US
  • Free shipping on 2 or more packs postage tape (and all ink!)
  • Aggressive adhesive compatible with a wide range of materials including Tyvek®, recycled and composite cardboard, plastics and kraft materials
  • Smudge-resistant facestock with improved ink absorption
  • Meets or exceeds all USPS requirements
  • Call for free samples

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