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Industry standard formats designed for laser printers.

Bulk pack “Click & Ship” labels are only $4.80 per hundred! Price includes shipping!

A pioneer in the production of laser and inkjet labels, MACO label manufactures a quality laser label in a variety of sizes to meet your label requirements. For greater savings, compare the prices of bulk pack pricing and save even more.

Each laser label pack contains 100 sheets of labels and is shrink-wrapped to extend shelf life as well as prevent moisture and contamination damage.

Each Bulk Pack laser label pack contains 1,000 sheets and every 250 sheets shrink-wrapped.

FREE SHIPPING on 5 packs (500 sheets) and bulk packs (1,000 sheets)!


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    Labels per sheetLabel Size (in.)Labels per boxSheets per boxColorDesc.
    ML-0200 Laser Inkjet Labels


    8.5" x 5.5"




    Single pack of 100 sheets of “Click & Ship” labels.