Postage Tape for Pitney Bowes®

Accepted for use by the United States Postal Service,
Postage Tape for Pitney Bowes

Postage Tape for Pitney Bowes

Postage Tape for Pitney Bowes

Quality postage meter tape for Pitney Bowes meters does not have to cost a  fortune. Tigerseal postage tape for Pitney Bowes is simply better. We’re so confident you’ll like our postage tape, call for a free sample before your purchase! Features such as our smudge proof facestock, lay flat liner and an aggressive adhesive that adheres to a wide variety of surfaces makes our Postage Meter Tapes better. Add in free 2 day shipping and it’s an unbeatable deal


Key Benefits of our Postage Tape For Pitney Bowes

  • FREE SHIPPING on 2 or more packs of postage tape
  • Aggressive Adhesive – Compatible with a wide variety of materials
  • Ultra smooth smudge resistant facestock
  • Lay flat liner for jam free processing
  • Meets or exceeds all Postal Specifications
  • All Postage Tape is Made In The USA for consistent high quality

Free Samples Available

You can test the superior performance of our postage tape for Pitney Bowes before you purchase. Simply email us at or call us toll free at 1-800-899-9389 and let us know which type of tape you would like to try

Tigerseal Products has been serving the mail industry since 1983

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Tigerseal Postage Tape

Compatible wot Pitney Bowes

We use a strong, quick tack adhesive so your postage tape stays secure on the envelope in transit, even on envelopes such as Tyvek®.

Tapes such as the PS6262 Series utilizes a clean cut line with a color code to make it easier for you to use the imprinted portion of the tape. The tape removes quickly and cleanly from the liner.

We feature a wide variety of styles so you can choose exactly what fits your Pitney Bowes postage meter. And all of our postal meter supplies come in shrink wrapped packages to eliminate dust and dirt contamination. It is an extra step that most others don’t do.

Finally, to insure your tape arrives intact our cartons are sealed with strong reinforced tape.