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  • Warranties and knowledge are backed by experience and service since 1983

Tigerseal Products does not just sell superior tape dispensers and label dispensers. The solution for raising packaging efficiency and saving your business money.

Unlike packaging catalogs, Tigerseal Products maintains a full line of replacement parts and service for all of the tape machine models we sell. With our knowledge we can help you select the tape machine or label dispenser that meets your requirements. And, we’ll be here to support that machine for years to come. While we have grown over the years, we still maintain a personal relationship with our customers. Check out our new expanded line of gummed (water activated) tape – from reinforced gummed tape to custom printed gummed tape, Tigerseal Products features quality gummed tape at discount prices!


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Tigerseal Products packaging supplies – an unbeatable value for your business

M6125 Electric Pressure Sensitive Tape Dispenser

Since 1983 Tigerseal® Products sales & service has provided field sales & service, so we know what products perform best under demanding conditions – Products that have a proven track record of superior performance We offer a variety of tape machines for both gummed tapes & pressure sensitive tapes, however, there are machines and items we don’t offer. For example, you won’t find hand held tape guns on this site. Why? We don’t believe that using plastic tape & hand held tape guns offers the best carton seal. Plastic tape, in our view, is also more costly. You also won’t find every tape machine on this site.

If we feel a certain tape machine does not offer the performance or reliability you would expect, then we won’t offer it. We warranty all of the products we offer.

Our warranty is backed by over 28 years of field service experience.

When Considering A Tape Machine Purchase Look For More Then Just The Cheapest Price!

You’ll find that our prices are very competitive on both manual and electric tape machines. But, price alone should not be the only determining factor. There are plenty of cheap machines available. However, cheap machines often cost you more in the long run: downtime, tape jams, boxes that “pop open” due to inefficient seals, delayed shipments, lost customers, and lost time getting the service run around.

  Tigerseal Products has earned a reputation based on 28 years of providing quality tape machines at a competitive price & superior customer support. Whether you’re looking for parts, service or new machines, you can buy with confidence from TIGERSEAL PRODUCTS sales & service – where customer support still means something.

Every machine is thoroughly inspected and tested here at our facility before it is shipped. We maintain a complete parts and service facility. If you have a question about any of the products we offer, we’re there to assist you. So, while some companies will sell you a tape machine, we have been there for over 28 years to support our customers.

Complete line of Parts & Service for Phoenix and Better Pack tape dispensers


SH404 Automatic Label Dispenser

Products that have a proven track record of superior performance

SH404 Automatic Label Dispenser

Whether you’re looking for a gummed tape machine to improve carton sealing efficiency or a pressure sensitive tape dispenser for pre-pack and sub-assembly jobs, Tigerseal Products can assist you.

After your purchase, Tigerseal Products will be there providing long term customer support for your tape machine to make sure it provides maximum performance.

Shouldn’t you purchase your equipment from a company that does more then just deliver a machine?