Electric Label Dispenser

Automatic Label Dispenser

Dispensers for Clear and Opaque Labels

1 Year Full Warranty on All Label Dispensers!


  • Automatically indexes the next label after the last label has been removed
  • Allows you to set the length of the leading edge of the label for easier removal
  • Label Dispensers for labels up to 8″ wide !

Tigerseal Products features automatic label dispensers for label widths up to 6″ wide. Competitive pricing, simplicity of operation, rugged reliability, and a full 1 year parts and labor warranty make these automatic label dispensers an excellent value. Reduce costs and speed productivity with compact, high-speed automatic label dispensers.
Automatic label dispensers, like those featured on this page, are a very efficient way to instantly dispense pressure sensitive labels. Each time a label is removed, another label is instantly advanced and held for the operator while the waste backing paper is neatly rewound, eliminating mess.
Tigerseal Products also features low-cost manual label dispensers that improve labeling efficiency at a fraction of the cost of electric dispensers.


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Tigerseal Products – Packaging and Labeling

Established in 1983, Tigerseal has specialized in packaging and labeling equipment for over 35 years. We excel in parts, service and new machines. All of our label dispensers include a full 1 year warranty.

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