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Tigerseal Mailing Tabs - for fast, secure sealing of mail pieces

Quality Postal Approved Wafer Seals

Tigerseal Has Them !

Mailing a brochure? The USPS requires it to be securely closed with a postal tab, also called a wafer seal. Our postal tabs are created from a certified, litho coated, and moisture treated facestock that provides high speed application as well as an even 50/50 fold.

Tigerseal Wafer Seals meet or exceed requirements for the US Postal Service. They stick to your mailing piece quickly, and they are easily opened by the recipient. Don’t get your brochures sent back because of faulty tabs — ours are designed for a variety or surfaces and pass tensile strength requirements set by the USPS.

Learn More About Wafer Seals  Visit our YouTube Chanel – Tigerseal Products and view this informative video about Wafer Seals

  • Call for a free sample
  • Created from certified, litho coated, and moisture treated facestock that provides high speed application and an even 50/50 fold
  • Postal Tab sizes range from 1″ to 2″ diameter and are available in white, translucent and clear
  • Meets or exceeds requirements for USPS

Hand Applying Wafer Seals?

Tigerseal has small roll tabs that are perfect for hand application. The smaller roll sizes are convenient and easy to handle.Available in  Translucent, Clear and White!

Click Here for Small Roll Postal Tabs

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postal sealing tabs & wafer seals

Tabbers which take small rolls (5,000 tabs per roll) with or without horizontal perfs – backprinting not necessary

  • Asmarc (Acufast) KT
  • Asmarc (Accufast) KT-2 (KT-2 is a double tabber)
  • Jet Tabber
  • Martin Yale EX5100
  • Neopost TA50 and TYA60 (TA 60 is a double tabber)

Tabbers which take small (5,000 tabsp/roll) to medium rolls (10,000 tabs p/roll) with or without horizontal perfs

  • Astro 9600
  • Datatech 1012
  • Pitney Bowes W350
  • Scriptomatic 1012
  • Secap 1030

Tabbbers which require carriers w/pinfeed

  • Asmarc (accufast) QT
  • Martin Yale EX500
  • Neopost TA40
  • Print2mail – MUST HAVE 1″ Repeat See PINFED 10

Tabbers which take large rolls (20,000 to 40,000 tabs p/roll) with or without vertical perfs

  • Astro 9900
  • Buskro
  • Cheshire TLS (Videojet Cheshire TLS)
  • Kirk Rudy
  • Profold
  • Rena XPS Pro Tab
  • SeCap Jet 1
  • Secap Printsytream ll

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