Resin Thermal Ribbons for Zebra Industrial Printers from DNP

Resin Thermal Ribbons for Zebra Printers

DNP Full Resin Thermal Ribbons  – DNP resin ribbons are as diverse as they are durable. Resin ribbons provide improved image quality and durability for applications that require special performance characteristics such as resistance to extreme environmental conditions, harsh chemicals, scratching, and smudging. DNP resin ribbons provide excellent print quality at high speeds using less energy and are considered the best in the market.

  • Extreme Durability in Harsh Environments
  • UL Certified
  • ISO 9001 Certified Quality Manufacturing
  • RoHS Compliant
  • FDA Approved for Non Food Contact
  • Manufactured in The US for Consistent Quality

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DNP has a resin ribbon solution for your tough
Product Highlights:
R300: easy to use & prints on a wide array of substrates, making it
ideal for a full range of resin applications
R316: prints on coated & synthetic papers, making it ideal for
applications where charge backs are a problem
R395: prints on nylons, satins, & polyesters and withstands
washing & dry cleaning, making it ideal for fabric care applications
R510HF: provides superior abrasion & chemical resistance, making
it ideal for extreme applications
R550: designed for extreme resistance against most chemicals
used in the automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics and
other industries.
R710: offers increased resistance against xylene, making it ideal
for chemical exposure applications
• TR4070: has agency approval with a variety of substrates, making
it ideal for when UL approval is needed