DNP: Tabletop: Wax-Resin: TRX-55 Premium Wax-Resin

Premium Wax Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons for Zebra Industrial Printers

TRX-55 Premium Wax/Resin is designed to print on a wide variety of receiving materials and offers excellent barcode scanning with sharp, reliable images at a wide variety of printing speeds. TRX-55 is halogen-free and its powerful resistance against smearing and chemicals makes it a perfect choice for demanding environments.
Recommended Substrates: Coated/uncoated tags, gloss paper, polypropylene, polyethylene, coated/uncoated papers, top-coated vinyl, polystyrene, polyolefin, Tyvek®, Tyvek Brillion®

Key Benefits

  • Outdoor Use
  • Chemical/Scratch/Smudge Resistant
  • FDA indirect food contact
  • Anti Static

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