Page 10: Machine Leaks Water

There are several causes for this. The most often cause is old moistening brushes, which cake with glue over time. The water may also be adjusted too high, or there might be a crack in the bottle or tank.

A. Old Moistening Brushes

If your tape machine leaks water, the fix is usually very simple. The main cause of leaking water is old brushes. Old brushes have a glue build-up. The water in the tank travels up the brushes. The brushes hang over the sides where the water drips down. See Subject 1: “General Maintenance”, Section A for information on cleaning out the moistening brushes.

Quick check:
  1. Remove the water tank. On older machines, it may be a little harder to remove.
  2. You should be able to life slightly up on the tank, over the lip on the tank support shelf. If the tank is stuck, use a slotted screwdriver to gently pry up on the bottom of the tank.
  3. Look at the left side of the water tank (the side by the key drum). If you notice rust marks, that’s probably where the water is leaking from.

B. Water Level Adjustment Too High

The water tank has a water level adjustment screw on the right side (the side by the motor cover). Loosen the thumb nut and lower screw. Lowering the screw lowers the bottle and the water level in the tank. For more water in the tank and on the tape, raise the screw.

C. Crack or Hole in Water Bottle / Tank

A crack in the water bottle will cause the water to run through and flood the water tank. Though rare, check the tank to make sure it isn’t leaking. Try removing the moistening brushes, filling the tank with water, and setting the tank aside. See if it still leaks. If it does, the tank may have a crack.

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