Page 8: Pressing One or More Key Switches Causes Machine to Run Constantly

If an operator complains that the machine is running constantly, check to see exactly what is happening. There are two different types of “running constantly”:

  1. The machine could be running to its maximum length, shutting off, then running again to its maximum length. The result is repeated maximum lengths of tape.
  2. The machine could just be running, with no shut off in between. In this instance, the tape is dispensed in one constant and continuous strip.

A. Machine Dispenses Repeated Maximum Lengths

Quick check:

Load the machine with tape. Turn the machine on. Does it dispense one long strip after another, shutting off only between strips?

Possible causes:

  1. Defective / Worn Trip Roller (See Subject 3:”Feeds Longer Strips of Tape”, Section B.II).
  2. Broken Key Switch (See Subject 3:”Feeds Longer Strips of Tape”, Section B.III).
How to test:
  1. Unplug the machine.
  2. Visually check to see that all key switches have the knurled nut affixing them to outside of key drum. If knurled nut is missing, that key switch is likely broken.
  3. With machine unplugged, run your finger inside the key drum pressing up each white button on all of the key switches.
  4. Plug the machine back in and turn it on. If the machine stops running, it indicates that one or more of the key switches was not shut off.
  5. With power on, press each key switch. Hopefully, the one that is not being shut off will cause the machine to “run constantly.”
  6. If you locate the switch or switches that causes the machine to run constantly, unplug the machine.
  7. Again, press up the white button on the switch(es) that is causing the machine to run constantly.
  8. Plug the machine back in. If it stops running constantly, you next need to see why that switch(es) are not being shut off.
  9. If, however, you press up all the white buttons, plug the machine back in, and it once again runs constantly, you probably have a defective switch which needs to be replaced.

B. Machine Dispenses Continuous Length

This problem is likely caused by a worn or out of adjustment clutch roller – 500CRGSLX (Ref. EA52AXX).

How to test:
  1. Remove only the access hole cover on the side of the keydrum.
  2. Turn the machine on and observe how the large measuring whele turns when the machine is turned on.
  3. This wheel should rotate quickly. When it reaches the key switch that has been pressed, the trip roller shuts the switch off. A worn or out of adjustment clutch roller will cause the measuring wheel to slip, like a tire on ice.

For information on replacing or adjusting the clutch roller, see Subject 3: “Feeds Longer Strips of Tape”, Section A.I.

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