Page 9: Shears Not Cutting Tape

Obviously, the most probable cause when a tape machine is not cutting the tape properly is worn shears. But, other possibilities include:

  • Glue build-up on upper shear.
  • Lower shear not aligned properly.
  • Worn shear spring; replace when installing new shear kit.

If the upper shear is sharp but has glue build up, clean it.

If the upper shear is clean but feels dull, replace it.

If the tape isn’t being cut cleanly, yet the shear is sharp, adjust the lower shear.

A. Replacing / Cleaning Shears

The correct method to clean the shears is the same method used to replace them. When replacing shaers, order shear kit 600SHEARKITKXX(Ref. FM20BXK). The kit includes both the upper and lower shear, lower shear springs, and connecting rod and nut. Also, it is recommended to replace the shear spring 600SHEARSPRING (Ref. E585C) which isn’t included in 600SHEARKITKXX.

To clean or replace shears:

  1. Unplug the machine.
  2. Remove the water bottle and tank.
  3. Remove the lower tank support shelf.
  4. Remove the shear spring.
  5. Remove the top heater and heater rod.
  6. Remove the shear rollers.
  7. The upper shear is connected to the yoke assembly by a pin (or rod). The rod goes through the yoke and upper shear and is threaded on the left side. A shake-proof nut is located on the left side of the rod, between the yoke and frame.
  8. Begin by loosening this nut first. Once loose, you can then use a slotted screwdriver to turn the rod. Remove the rod.
  9. Remove the upper shear next by pulling it down and toward you.
  10. Next, pop both the of the lower shear springs off the frame pins. The lower shear is held in by only these springs. The lower shear rests in two brackets found on the left and right frame assembly.
  11. Remove the lower shear by pulling it up and out through the lower tape plate.
  12. To clean the shears:
    1. We find that WD-40 works well for getting dry glue off of shears.
    2. Spray and let soak for a minute.
    3. Wipe off.
  1. Replace the lower shear first. Drop it in through the lower tape plate. Make sure that the lower shear is situated between both left and right frame brackets (the small L-shaped brackets).
  2. Replace the lower shear springs on the frame pins (both left and right side).
  3. Slide the upper shear in from the front of the machine. You will need to push the lower shear back for the upper shear to go up throug hthe lower tape plate in front of the lower shear.
  4. Align the upper shear so you can install the upper shear rod. It goes through the right side of the yoke, shear, and threads through the left side of the yoke.
  5. Start screwing the rod until it just comes through the left side of the yoke, then screw the shake-proof nut onto the rod.
  6. Tighten.
  7. Replace the shear spring, then the lower tank support shelf, then the top heater (don’t forget about the shear rollers!).

B. Adjusting the Lower Shear

The lower shear is adjustable. It can be moved slightly closer to or further away from the upper shear. Generally speaking, the original factory setting should never need adjusting. However, from time to time we have found that the lower shear has moved out of adjustment.

The adjust the lower shear:
  1. Facing the front of the machine, push back the shear oiler.
  2. Look down and you’ll see the top of the lower shear. A gap of approximately 1/32″ should be visible between the upper and lower shears on the left hand side.
  3. If no spacing is visible or the spacing is incorrect, locate the adjusting screw (Phillips head screw and washer) on the right frame, located just under the motor cover.
  4. Loosen the screw just enough so you can move it. Move it up for more space, and down for less.

A helpful hint: Rarely do we have to adjust the lower shear. If a machine does have clean, sharp shears and is not cutting, we will first try to adjust the lower shear. The movement is very slight. We first loosen the screw, move it up as far as possible, re-tighten, and try cutting a piece of tape. If it still doesn’t cut properly, we try going halfway down on the adjustment, and so on until we get to the bottom of the adjustment.

If you have any questions about any of the above procedures, please feel free to call us at 1-800-899-9389.

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