Page 3: Handle Hard To Pull

If the handle is hard to pull and skips, the teeth on the main gear M200MGX (Ref. GE79X) or the pinion gear on the upper feed wheel shaft are broken or worn.

Replacing Main Gear and Pinion Gear

Tools required: 3/32″ long handle Allen Wrench, Screw drivers, hammer, punch

  1. Start by removing the water bottle and tank.
  2. Remove the key drum and stop bar.
  3. Inspect main gear and pinion gear to see if either or both require replacing.
  4. Remove feed handle. You’ll need to drive out the groove pin with a hammer and punch.
  5. Remove the main gear assembly (large gear and knurled disk)
  6. If the pinion gear requires replacing, start by loosening the two set screws on the upper feed wheel.
  7. Pop off the retaining clip on the upper feed wheel shaft. It is located on the upper feed wheel shaft just inside the left frame.
  8. Slide off the upper feed wheel. If the upper feed wheel does not slide, try gently tapping the upper feed wheel shaft on the right side. If you hit the shaft with any real force, you’ll flatten the end and will not be able to get the feed wheel off. You can also try removing a stuck feed wheel by gripping the left side of the upper feed wheel shaft with a pair of pliers and turning the feed wheel by hand until it is free.
  9. Slide the new main gear assembly on.
  10. Slide the new upper feed wheel shaft and pinion gear in, making sure you put the upper feed wheel on.
  11. Reinstall the feed handle. Make sure the pawls on the handle are pressed up against the knurled disk!
  12. Drive the groove pin back through the handle.

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