Page 8: Machine Leaks Water

Almost always, water leaking from around the water tank area is caused by old, worn out moistening brushes. The brushes, as they age, get a glue build up that flattens them out. The tips of the brushes hang over the sides of the water tank. As the water travels up the brushes, it drips over the sides of the water tank.

If your tank leaks, do this:

  1. Remove water tank and moistening brushes. To remove the water tank, lift up slightly to get the tank over the tank shelf lip, then pull toward you. If the tank cannot be lifted up easily, very gently pry the tank up with a screw driver until it clears the lip on the tank shelf.
  2. Remove the moistening brushes. Fill the water tank with water and let stand briefly.
  3. If it stops leaking, replace the moistening brushes. Order Moistening Brush Set – M100MB3X (Ref. PW107AK).

There is a chance that the tank has a hairline crack. If you have the opportunity, let the tank stand over the weekend with water only and see if it leaks. If it does, order a replacement tank – M100TANX (Ref. FM6AX).