Page 10: Installing Top Heater

Before Any Maintenance Procedure – UNPLUG THE MACHINE

Top Heaters provide superior glue reactivation. The heat, applied directly to the tips of the moistening brushes, liquefy the glue on water activated tape. once liquefied, the glue can penetrate into the carton forming a stronger, dust free, tamper evident bond between the tape and the carton.

Please use caution – some of the procedures in this section require a knowledge of electrical testing.

If your Top Heater has NO HEAT (or insufficient heat)

Before replacing the Top Heater check to make sure the Top Heater has failed.

  1. Remove the Water Tank and Water Bottle
  2. On the right side of the tape machine there is a Retaining Clip that holds the Top Heater and Shear Oiler Bracket bar in position.
  3. Loosen the screw that secures the Retaining Clip and move the Retaining Clip up and out of the way.
    NOTE: If the screw can’t be loosened, use a hammer and screwdriver to tape the Retaining Clip up.
  4. Remove the Support Rod that holds the Top heater – CAREFUL – do not loose the 2 small brass Shear Guide Rollers.
  5. You should be able to pull the Top Heater Support Rod out with a pair of pliers. If you can’t easily pull the Support Rod out, remove the side Key Drum cover (5 small Phillip screws). Use a punch to tape the Support Rod out. Support Rod comes out through right side frame.
  6. Plug the Top Heater into a standard wall outlet. If there is still not heat, replace or rebuild the Top Heater. For more information on rebuilding the Top Heater, see section Top Heater includes Rebuilding.
  7. If you plug the Top Heater into a standard outlet and the Top Heater heats up in 30 -40 seconds, check the Top Heater Plug on the right side frame of the tape machine.

Top Heater Has Heat when Plugged Into Wall Outlet

    1. Use a current tester. Plug the machine back in and turn it on. The tester should read 110V.
    2. If there is no current at the plug, you might have a bad plug or Wiring Harness short.
    3. Unplug the tape machine
  1. Remove the Lower Front Cover – the metal curved cover below the Tank Support Shelf.
  2. Unclip the 2 female leads connected to the Top Heater Plug and see if there is current at the leads (machine must be plugged in and turned on).
  3. If there is no current at the two heater leads, there may be a short in either the male or female wiring harness.
  4. Unplug the tape machine.
  5. Remove the side key drum cover (5 small Phillip screws).
  6. Locate the large WHITE main power connector on the left side frame.
  7. Try pushing in on the connector. Plug the machine back in and see if there is current to the Top Heater wires.
  8. If there is current, replace both the male and female wiring  harness – see Section Wiring Harness.
  9. If you have determined that the Top Heater is the problem you can either replace the Top heater or rebuild the Top Heater. Replacing the Top Heater only takes a few moments, rebuilding the Top heater requires more time and some knowledge of electrical service.

Replacing Top Heater

  1. The Top Heater is held into the tape machine with a metal rod. On each side of the rod is a small brass bearing. On the right side of the machine (facing the machine) is a retaining clip. Loosen the screw so that you can pivot the retaining clip up (note: if you can’t loosen the screw due to rust you can tap the clip up with a hammer and screwdriver so that it is not down on the pivot rod).
  2. With the retaining clip up pull the metal pivot rod out. You may need a pair of pliers to pull the rod out. Note that the pivot rod has a notch cut-out for the retaining clip. re-install the pivot rod with the cut-out notch on the right side.
  3. Remove the 2 brass bearings and the old Top Heater.
  4. Slide the pivot rod through the right frame, the first brass bearing, the Top Heater, the second brass bearing, and the left side frame.
  5. Move the retaining clip down onto the notch on the pivot rod to secure the new Top heater to the machine.
  6. Plug the new Top Heater in.

Rebuilding Top Heater – Replacing Thermal Plate and Thermostat

    1. If the top heater is not working at all or only producing a modest amount of heat you can save money by rebuilding your existing Top Heater. We recommend replacing both the Thermostat and Thermal Plate when rebuilding the Top Heater.
    2. Start by removing the Top heater from the tape machine – instructions above.
    3. Remove the Heater Adjustment knob with a jewelers screwdriver.
    4. Under the appliqué on the left and right sides is a small Phillips head screw. You should be able to poke your screw driver through the appliqué and remove both screws. this will all you to remove the black plastic top heater cover.
      Note: If the screws are rusted and can’t easily be removed you should consider simply replacing the Top heater.
    5. With the heater cover removed you have to lift up the heater assembly, removing it from the lower heater plate. You can use a slotted screw driver if you have to pry the heater components from the lower heater plate.
    6. The power cord, lower heater plate and thermostat can be removed as a single unit.
    7. On the underside of the Lower Heater Plate locate the screw that secures the thermostat to the lower heater plate.
    8. Remove the screw. Note that under the thermostat are 2 small nylon type washers. You will need these when reinstalling the new Thermostat.
    9. Disconnect the 2 wires going into the thermostat.
    10. Next, locate the connector between the inside wire coming off the thermal plate and the heater power cord. Cut the wire at the connector.
    11. Remove the grounding wire from the power cord to the thermal plate (secured by a small screw).
Installing New Top Heater Parts
  1. Start by attaching the new thermostat to the new thermal plate. Use the screw removed earlier and the 2 small nylon washers. Insert the screw through the bottom of the lower heater plate, drop both washers onto the top side of the screw, then screw the new thermostat to the new lower heater plate.
  2. There are 2 wires coming off the lower heater plate. Connect the outside wire (that wire has a pre-installed female connector) to the top terminal on the thermostat.
  3. The inside wire has no connector. Use the supplied but splice connector to connect this wire to the wire coming off the power cord.
  5. The butt splice connector connects the inside wire coming off the thermal plate to the power cord wire.  Once the butt splice connector is installed, make certain that you cover the connector with the heat shrink tubing and shrink the tube.
  7. Secure both wires coming off the thermal plate under the thermostat.
  8. Reconnect the green ground wire to the thermal plate.
  9. Before dropping the new thermal plate and thermostat onto the lower heater plate clean the old thermal coat off the lower heater plate with steel wool or a wire brush. Then, apply a new coat of thermal paste to the underside of the new thermal plate. Then drop the new assembly into position.
  10. Next place the strain relief around the power cord wire.
  11. IMPORTANTBefore replacing the Top Heater Cover make sure that are no wires over the 2 studs on the lower heater plate. If there are, make sure you move them out of the way. If you replace the Top Heater Cover and screw through any wires you will short out the heater
  12. Replace the Top Heater Cover (making sure the strain relief is correctly situated) and screw the cover down.
  13. Test before installing back on the machine. Plug the heater into a standard 110V outlet and make sure it heats up.
31To rmeove the Top Heater cover remove the Top Heater Adjustment

knob and the applique strip. Unsrew the screws under the applique
32Top Heater with cover removed
33Thermal Plate, Thermostat and Heater Cord lift off the Top Heater Plate as a unit
34Disconnect both female connectors plugged into the

thermostat. (one connector from the Thermal Plate the other connector

from the heater cord
35Unscrew the Thermostat from the Thermal Plate. Screw head located on underside of Thermal Plate
36Thermostat removed from Thermal Plate. Note there are 2 small spacer washers under the Thermostat. Do not loose these. They must be under the Thermostat.
37Mount new Thermostat to Thermal Plate (using the screw and both spacer washers)

Connect the outside lead wire (with the female connector) to the Thermostat prong . Prong is

facing to the right.  Using the but sokice connector supplied with the new Thermal Plate connect the inside wirte coming off the Thermal Plate to the heater power cord. MKRE SURE YOU COVER THIS CONNECTION WITH THE HEAT SHRINK TUBE SUPPLIED. iF THIS CONNECTION IS EXPOSED WITH BARE METAL YOU WILL SHORT OUT THE  TOP HEATER PARTS.

If you have any questions regarding these – or any other – maintenance procedures, please call us at 1 (800) 899-9389.

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