Page 11: Installing Motor Assembly

Before Any Maintenance Procedure – UNPLUG THE MACHINE

There are 2 main symptons related to motor problems. First, the tape dispenser runs very slow. Second, when the power is tuned on and a tape length is selected, the shear comes up but the feed wheel (the wheels that pulls the tape) does not turn. Both indiacte a problem with the motor.

Before replacing the entire motor assembly, check the motor brushes.

Checking Motor Brushes – Unplug the machine!

  1. Worn motor brushes will casue the motor to turn slowly or not at all.
  2. Remove the Water Bottle, Water Tank and Motor Cover (located on right side of machine)
  3. Towards the back of the Motor you will see a small black plastic cap on the top and bottom of the motor. Unscrew the top cap with a regular slotted screwdriver. Using a very small screwdriver (or even the end of a paper clip) pull up the motor brush. This is a small piece of carbon on the end of a spring. If there is less then 1/4″ of carbon on the brush it should be replaced. Remove and replace both the upper and lower motor brush.
    Note: Whle the motor brushes are out of the motor stand the machine upright (on it’s back cover) and gently tap on the side of the motor to clean out an carbon dust that has built up in the motor. An air compressor can also do this.
  4. If the motor brushes have sufficient carbon, but the motor won’t turn (or turns slowly) replace the motor.
Replacing the Motor Assembly
  1. Replacing the motor is a fairly simple procedure.
  2. Locate the 2 wire nuts and remove them so that the 2 lead wires coming off the motor can be removed.  Keep the wire groups together after removing the wire nuts. Also remove the grouding wire on the old motor (green wire screwed into back of motor).
  3. The Motor is mounted to a Motor Bracket. There are 2 bolts on the back side of the motor that hold the motor to the bracket. Remove these bolts and the Motor will come off.
    NOTE: Before removing the Motor, note that the Motor Chain does have some slack in it. The Motor Brackett is slotted so the Motor Chain tension can be adjusted. Make sure when installing the new Motor you leave some slack in the Motor Chain.
  1. Reconnect the Motor Chain to the sprocket on the new Motor. Screw both bolts removed form the old Motor back into the new Motor. Do not tighten these bolts yet. Once both bolts are installed, check the tension on the Motor Chain. Allow for a little slack, then tighten both bolts down.
  2. Wire the new Motor into the wiring harness (you can twist the new motor wires into either wire group) replace the wire nuts and the green ground wire.
  3. Test the new Motor before replacing the Motor Cover, Water Tank and Water bottle


Motor cover removed. To remove motor remove the 2 bolts

on the back side of the Motor (not wrench in picture)


27To check condition of Motor Brushes, remove the Motor Cap. Picture shows top Motor Cap removal. There is a also a cap on the underside of the Motor
28The Motor Brushes are connected on the ned of the spring. Pull up the spring to see how much carbon is on the Motor Brush. If less then 1/4" replace the Motor Brush. HINT: If the spring does not come out of the Motor, use the end of a paper clip to pull up the spring.

If you have any questions regarding these – or any other – maintenance procedures, please call us at 1 (800) 899-9389.

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