Page 2: No Tape Dispensing

Before Any Maintenance Procedure – UNPLUG THE MACHINE

Pilot Light Not On

  • Step 1: Unplug the tape machine and run your hand along the power cord to see if you can feel any breaks in the power cord. If there are no breaks, proceed to next step.
  • Step 2: Remove the key drum side cover ( 5 small Phillip Head screws). Check the 2 connectors coming off the power cord, Make sure they are securely plugged into the On/Off switch. If they have come loose reconnect to the On/Off switch. If the connectors have not come off the On/Off switch, proceed to next step.
  • Step 3: With the machine plugged in, carefully shake (or move) the power cord connectors near the on/off switch and see if the pilot light comes on. If it does, the problem maybe in the female connectors from the power cord. Replace both female connectors. If the pilot light still does not come on you may have a defective On/Off switch. Replace on/off switch.

Power On-Pilot Light On – No Tape Dispensing

  1. Bad Fuse

  2. Break In Wiring Harness

  3. Bad Controller Board

  4. Bad Motor or Worn Motor Brushes

  5. Motor Turns – Tape Feed Wheel Does Not

Bad Fuse

Unplug the machine. Remove the key drum side cover. Locate the main  Controller Board. It is attached to the underside inside the key drum housing. The fuse is located on the Controller Board near the rear of the board. Remove the fuse and inspect. If it is blown, replace with a standard or slow blow 3 amp/250 volt appliance fuse. Fuses are available at most hardware stores and electronic stores. They are also available through Tigerseal Products. If the new replacement fuse blows immediately, you may have a bad Control Board. Before replacing the Control Board, an electrical short elsewhere in the machine could be causing the fuse to blow. Try unplugging the Top Heater and see if a new fuse blows. If it does, try disconnecting the motor and see if the new fuse blows. Learn more about the Motor Assembly here.

Break In Wiring Harness

Check the cable coming from the On/Off Switch to the Main Controller Board.  Move the cable back and forth and see if the tape will dispense. If not, check the main wiring harness, again moving the cable to see if that enables the machine to dispense tape. The main wiring harness is the large white connector leading from the Control Board to the left side frame of the tape machine.

Bad Controller Board

If there appears to be no problem with the fuse or any of the wiring harnesses and connectors you may have a bad Control Board. Replace with new Control Board. Installation instructions can be found here – Installing Main Control Board

Bad Motor or Worn Motor Brushes

Turn the tape machine on and press a length key. Does the feed wheel ( the large wheel that pulls the tape) try to turn? Does the Shear move up but the feed wheel does not turn? Both of these things can indicate a bad motor or worn motor brushes.

First, unplug the machine. Next, remove the Motor Cover (3 screws on right side of machine). Locate the Motor Caps on the top and bottom of the motor assembly. They are black plastic caps that unscrew with a slotted screw driver. Unscrew the top cap and remove the motor brush from the motor. If there is less then 1/4″ of carbon on the motor brush, replace the motor brushes (2 per motor).

Motor Turns – Tape Feed Wheel Does Not

If you turn the machine on and press a length key and you can hear the motor spin, but the feed wheel that pulls the tape is not moving check both the motor chain and sprockets.

Helpful Hint: The large Feed Wheel that pulls the tape should not move more then 1/8″ clockwise or counterclockwise. If you can turn the Feed Wheel easily with your hand, the motor chain or sprocket may have come loose.

Remove the Motor Cover (3 screws on right side of machine). The Motor Chain is connected to the Motor Sprocket and Upper Feed Wheel Shaft Sprocket.  First, make sure the Motor Chain is connected to both sprockets. Next, check the sprockets. Make sure the 3/32 set screws and tight on both the shaft coming off the motor and the Upper Feed Wheel Shaft.

If you have any questions regarding these – or any other – maintenance procedures, please call us at 1 (800) 899-9389.

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