Page 6: Tape Too Wet/Dry

Before Any Maintenance Procedure – UNPLUG THE MACHINE

Gummed tape that is too wet or too dry does not provide the most secure, dust free, tamper evident seal. Moistening problems are generally easy to correct.

A. Too Wet:
  • Lower Water Level In Tank
  • Remove Weights From Top Heater Assembly
B. Too Dry:
  • Raise Water Level
  • Clean or Replace Moistening Brushes
  • Add Weight to Top Heater Assembly

Gummed Tape Is Too Wet

1. Lower Water Level In Tank

There is a water level adjustment screw on the water tank just under the water bottle.  Turn this screw down to lower the water bottle and water level in the tank. Less water in tank=drier tape

2. Remove one of the Top Heater Weights

The Top Heater has 3 metal weight bars. These normally provide excellent moistening for all types of water activated tape. If your tape is too wet try removing 1 or more of the slotted bars

Gummed Tape Is Too Dry

1. Raise Water Level In Tank

Raise the water level in the water tank by raising the water level adjustment screw on the right side of the water tank. The screw is locetd just under the water bottle. Raising the water level makes the brushes wetter delivering more water to the gummed tape.

2. Clean/Replace Moistening Brushes

Check to make sure your tape dispenser has a set of 3 moistening brushes. Over the years, brushes can be removed. If your Phoenix Electric Tape Dispenser does not have a set of 3 moistening brushes replace them. You can order a new set – 800MB3X online.

Replacing Moistening Brushes

Remove the Water Bottle. Next, remove the water tank. Lift the tank up over the small lip on the tank support shelf and pull out towards you to remove the water tank. If the tank cannot be easily lifted up and out you can use a screwdriver and pry the tank up.

First, check to make sure that your machine has 3 moistening brushes.

If it does not, order a new set – 800MB3X. This machine will not operate with less then 3 brushes. Next, if you notice a glue build up on the tips of the brushes, wash them out in warm, soapy water.

Remove the moistening brushes from the water tank and wash them in warm soapy water. If possible, allow them to soak over the weekend and then rinse them out before reinstalling in water tank. This will help remove all of the old glue and mineral deposits on the moistening brushes.

MAKE SURE you install the new brushes (or the washed existing brushes) so that the angle of the brushes follow the direction of the tape flow. If you install the moistening brushes backwards you will have constant tape jams.

If after adjusting the water bottle and cleaning/replacing the moistening brushes the tape is still dry you can try adding an extra weight to the Top Heater. Note there are 3 metal bars on the Top Heater, You can try adding a fourth bar. This will make the Top Heater heavier, driving the tape down into the moistening brushes for better moistening.

If you have any questions regarding these – or any other – maintenance procedures, please call us at 1 (800) 899-9389.

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