Page 9: Installing Shear Kit

Before Any Maintenance Procedure – UNPLUG THE MACHINE

The Shear Kit consists of the Upper Shear and Lower Shear. Also included are the lower shear springs, the shear rod, and nylon fastener. The Kit also comes with a shear rod and retaining clip for use with the manual machine. If you have an electric tape machines, you do not need these parts.

Removing Old Shears

  1. Remove the Water Bottle and Water Tank.
  2. Loosen the screw on the right side frame that holds down the Retaining Clip. (If you can’t loosen this screw, tap the retaining clip up and out of the way.)
  3. Remove the support rod that holds the Top Heater in position. CAREFUL – do not loose the 2 small brass shear guide rollers. (If the Support Rod is difficult to pull out, remove the key drum cover and tap out the Support Rod with a punch)
  4. Unplug and remove the Top Heater.
  5. With the Water Tank removed look inside the front of the machine.
  6. Locate the Upper Shear. Note that the Upper Shear is fixed into the machine with the Shear Rod and Fastener through the Yoke Assembly.
  7. Unclip the large Shear Spring from the Yoke Assembly. This allows the Yoke Assembly to move up and down freely.
  8. With a pair of pliers loosen the nylon nut on the left side of the Shear Rod.
  9. Hold the nut with the pliers and with a slotted screw driver unscrew the Shear Rod. There is a cut-out in the right side frame so you can access the Shear Rod with a screw driver.
  10. Pull the Shear Rod out.
  11. Pull the Upper Shear down and towards you.
  12. On each side of the Lower Shear there is a tension spring clipped to either side frame. “Pop” the springs and lift up on the Lower Shear to remove it from the machine.

    NOTE: You may have to remove the Shear Oiler Bracket to pull the Lower Shear up. Try first to remove the Lower Shear with the Shear Oiler in place.

    NOTE: The Lower Shear rests inside 2 L-shaped metal brackets. The new Lower Shear must go back through these brackets.

Installing New Shear Kit

  1. Install the new Lower Shear first. Push the blade oiler bracket back and drop the Lower Shear through the Lower Tape Plate. Make sure the Lower Shear slides through he L-Shaped brackets. Connect both lower shear springs to the left/right side frame pins.
  2. Next, slide the Upper Shear up from the front of the machine. You will need a slotted screwdriver to push the Lower Shear back so the Upper Shear will slide up into the machine.
  3. Align the Upper Shear so that the Shear Rod slides through the Yoke Assembly and Upper Shear. Start screwing the Shear Rod through the Yoke Assembly.
  4. Once the Shear Rod protrudes through the left side of the Yoke Assembly, screw the nylon threaded nut onto the Shear Rod.
  5. Re-attach the Shear Spring to the Yoke Assembly.
  6. Test the machine to make sure you get a clean cut.
  7. If the new Shear Kit is still not providing a clean cut, proceed to next step.


Push the Shear Oiler Bracket back and out of the way. Look down at the Lower Shear. There should be a very slight gap between the Upper and Lower Shear on the left side of the Shears. The Lower Shear has a very slight angle towards the left side going towards the back of the machine.

If there is no gap:

You can adjust the gap on the lower shear with a Phillips Screwdriver. On the left side frame there is a screw just before the motor cover. The screw has a small washer behind it. Loosen this screw slightly and push up on the screw. This changes the angle of the lower blade so you should see a slight gap on the left side between the Upper and Lower Shear.

17Unplug Top Heater Cord
6Move the Retaining Clip that holds both the Top Heater Rod and Shear Oiler Rod. Note: If rust prevents you from loosening the screw and moving the Retaining Clip you can tap it up and out of the way
7Pull the Top Heater Rod out and remove the Top Heater.
Note the 2 small brass rollers on either side of the Top Heater. You will need to re-install these.
8Top Heater Removed
9Stand the machine upright on back cover. You will need to remove both the lower plate and the lower front cover
10Lower Front Cover removed
11Lowre Plate removed. Note - you should also remove the Shear Spring
12Shear Spring must also be removed
13To Remove Upper Shear - Loosen the nut first on the Shear Rod then unscrew the Shear Rod from the Yoke Assembly
14Pull the Upper Shear down and towards you to remove
17The Lower Shear has 2 springs that clip to the left/right frame. Pop thos spring off and pull the lower shear up and out.

If you have any questions regarding these – or any other – maintenance procedures, please call us at 1 (800) 899-9389.

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