Why Use Gummed Tape?

How sealing with gummed tape can save you money and increase your reputation as a business.

Which carton do you want representing your company?

Sealed with plastic tape.Sealed with gummed tape.

Reinforced gummed tape gives your company and your company’s products a professional image. And, it does it at a lower cost than plastic tape!

Plastic tape snarls waste material!Plastic tape snarls cost you more money than necessary.

The Benefits of Reinforced Gummed Tape

Lower Per-Carton Sealing Costs

Multiple strips of plastic tape cost more to use per carton than a single strip of reinforced tape.

Faster than Plastic Tape, Staples, Glue

Tests show that you can seal 40% more cartons with reinforced tape than with plastic tape. Even if you ship just a handful of cartons per day, reinforced tape enables you to get last minute orders out – on time! Satisfied customers = Repeat business.

Discourages Pilferage with Tamper Evident Seal

When your carton leaves, it is handled, on average, 7 TIMES before it reaches your customer. Reinforced tape “bonds” with the carton to form tamper evident seal. If someone tries to remove reinforced tape, the carton is clearly damaged.

Try this. Apply a strip of your plastic tape. Rub it down for as long as you like. Now, press on the flap and see what happens to the seal. The carton flap easily gives way How easy is it for someone to do this when that carton is sitting on a loading dock somewhere

Stronger Carton Seal

Reinforced tape gives your carton a stronger seal, reducing lost and damaged merchandise claims. Cartons sealed with reinforced tape stay sealed in transit!

Not Affected by Temperature

Once you seal a carton with reinforced tape it stays sealed! Even in hot or cold environments.

Try this. Apply a strip of plastic tape to a carton. Heat it up with a hair dryer. Now, pull the tape off. Notice how easy it was to remove the tape from the carton? Now imagine your carton sealed with plastic tape sitting in a hot truck.

Ideal for Over/Under-filled Cartons

If your cartons are sometimes overfilled, it can be even more difficult for plastic tape, staples, and glue to quickly and securely seal that carton. Not so with reinforced gummed tape. Reinforced tape, when used with a superior tape machine, quickly “tacks down” to the carton. Do your cartons sometimes have “underfill” situations? This is where the carton flaps can be pressed down. Plastic tape quickly gives way. Only reinforced gummed tape holds loose flaps securely.

Dust-Free Seal

Plastic tape stretches. Just pull on it and you’ll see. Reinforced tape doesn’t stretch. Why is this important? Plastic tape that stretches creates “flap gaps”. This allows dust, dirt, & other contaminants to enter your carton in transit. The result? Unhappy customers.

Reduce Time Spent Filling Out Claims

Lost & damaged cartons. Cartons that arrive “short” create a lot of extra paperwork that wastes time & money. These claims can occur when carton seals fail in transit. Eliminate this problem with reinforced gummed tape!

Less Problems From Hand-held Tape Guns

How many hand held tape guns do you replace in a year? Over 10 years? Just one gummed tape machine eliminates all the lost & broken guns. Tape guns’ sharp exposed razor edges can cut operators. Tape machines are safer. No exposed blades that can cut & injure! In higher volume shipping departments operators can suffer from fatigue and repetitive wrist motion problems constantly handling tape guns. Not so with tape machines. A simple touch of the button instantly dispenses the EXACT tape length to seal a carton.

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