Better Pack 555e Cntrol Board for eSA Models Only



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Control Board (Main Circuit Board) for Models 555eSA

Ref E555-001-01 Control Board for Better Pack 555eSA Models ONLY

Control Boards (Circuit Boards) are Model Specific. This board is only ofr 555eSA machines that have a key pad from 6″-45″ AND Auto Tape Feed Option.

Quick Service Tip When you turn on your 555e machine it should make an audible beep. If you don’t hear the beep it could be the control board. But, you should check the fuse on the back of the machine. It is located just above where the power cord plugs in. There is a second fuse on the control¬† board also located just under the large transformer. Check both fuses before replacing the control board

To Remove Control Board: There are 5 small screws that hold the control board to the frame. 4 are easy to spot. 2 towards the front of the board and 2 in the center of the board (next to the transformer. The fifth screw is hidden by the Connector Plate Assembly. Loosen the 2 screws on that plate and push the plate back to unscrew the fifth screw

Fits 555eSA Models ONLY

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