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Lower feed wheel and shaft assembly (includes ¼”-20 nylon insert lock nut, not pictured).

Ref FM39XXX Idler Shaft Assembly for Better Pack 333 Tape Dispenser

Lower feed wheel and idler shaft assembly for the 333 tape dispenser

Quick Service Tip This assembly is inside  the 333. It is one of the parts that controls tape lengths. If your tape is slipping and tape lengths are shorter then they should be a worn lower feed wheel could be the cause. BEFORE REPLACING check to make sure the lower feed wheel is spinning freely. If it is not try oiling the bearings inside the wheel with light machine oil. Also, check the crank tensioner spring. If that is old replace it and you will increase the tension on the lower feed wheel.

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Fits All 333 and Phoenix M1 Water Activated Tape Dispenser

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