Page 4: Short Tape Lengths

If you pull the handle and the tape seems to skip or miss like a car’s tires spinning on ice, there are four causes:

  • Worn upper feed wheel.
  • Lower feed wheel out of adjustment.
  • Worn lower feed wheel.
  • Bent upper tape plate / tape binding.

A. Replacing Upper Feed Wheelm1333trp41


Raising Lower Feed Wheel.
Minimizes tape from “slipping” under feed wheel.

Tools required: 3/32″ Allen wrench, Phillips and slotted head screwdrivers.

  1. Remove key drum cover and stop bar.
  2. Loosen both set screws on upper feed wheel.
  3. Remove spring clip on upper feed wheel shaft, located just inside left frame.
  4. Pull the upper feed wheel shaft from left to right (pinion gear side).
    Note: On older machines, the upper feed wheel may be stuck in position. Gently tap the upper feed wheel shaft from the right side frame. If you hit it too hard, you’ll flatten the end of the hsaft, making it impossible to put the new feed wheel on. If tapping doesn’t help, grip the feed wheel shaft to the left of the feed wheel with a pair of pliers. Try turning the feed wheel with your free hand until it starts to move to the right.
  5. Pull the shaft out just far enough to slide off of the old feed wheel and slide the new one on. If you remove the upper feed wheel shaft completely, be careful not to lose the small spacer washers.
  6. Push the upper feed wheel shaft back through the left frame.
  7. Push the retaining clip back on the upper feed wheel shaft.
  8. Next, center the new upper feed wheel with the lower feed wheel.
  9. Tighten both upper feed wheel set screws.
  10. Replace the key drum.
  11. Test – you may still need to proceed to section B – Adjusting Lower Feed Wheel.

B. Adjusting Lower Feed Wheel on Better Packages 333

Tools required: 3/32″ Long or T-handled Allen wrench.
  1. Remove tape from tape basket.
  2. Look at the back wall, or vertical tie place. You will see a circular cut-out, and inside, you will see the head of a 3/32″ black set screw.
  3. With the longhandled Allen wrench, turn the set screw one turn clockwise. This will raise the lower feed wheel up.
  4. Load the tape and try to dispense. If the length is correect, the adjustment is good.
  5. If the tape still slips, try raising the lower feed wheel another full turn, and so on until you get the correct tape length.
Can you raise the lower feed wheel too high?

Yes. If you do, you will notice that the tape is bent over. Facing the front of the machine, the tape will have a slight bend on the left side.

Why does this happen?

As you raise the lower feed wheel, you decrease the travel height of the upper shear. If you notice that the tape is bending over and the tape is still slipping, the lower feed wheel assembly should be replaced. Contact us; you might want to send it in for service. The frames have to be removed to replace the lower feed wheel assembly. For more information on our service, click here.

C. Replacing Lower Feed Wheel

Replacing the lower feed wheel requires that the frames be opened. This takes patience and time. Contact us regarding replacing the lower feed wheel.

D. Bent Upper Tape Plate / Tape Binding

One final area to check would be the upper tape plate and tape guides in the tape basket.
Upper Tape Plate

Make sure that this plate is not bent. It should slide in and out easily. If it does not, replace it. A bent upper tape plate will bind or restrict the tape, causing short pieces to be dispensed.

Tape Guides

Make sure the tape guides in the tape basket area are set to the correct width of the tape you are using. If they are pinching the roll of tape, this will cause short pieces. Simply move the guides out to where they are not pinching the tape or tape roll.

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