Zebra Thermal Transfer Ribbons: Desktop

Zebra Thermal Transfer Ribbons in Wax, Wax-Resin and Full Resin Formulations

Zebra Desktop Printer Thermal Transfer Ribbons

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Zebra thermal transfer ribbons come in 3 basic formulations: wax, wax-resin and full resin.

Wax Ribbons are a good general purpose ribbon, providing high quality printing on both coated and uncoated stock.

Wax-Resin Ribbons provide superior scratch and smear resistance. Wax-Resin ribbons are excellent for printing on vinyl label material, such as Zebra’s PolyPro and Z-Ultimate label material. UL/CSA certified when using the corresponding Zebra label material

Resin Ribbons feature excellent print quality in harsh environments. Provides unparalleled resistance and dark black images. UL/CSA certified when using the corresponding Zebra label material Zebra Resin Ribbons have superior resistance to chemicals and solvents.

Zebra Ribbons are used in both larger tabletop printers and smaller desktop printers. If you have any questions about which Zebra Ribbon is right for your printer or application, please call us at 1-800-899-9389 for helpful assistance.

Desktop Zebra printers, such as the TLP2844, GK420T, GX420T and the GX430T are desktop models. These use a smaller , shorter Zebra Ribbon. Links to the ribbons are listed below.

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Why Purchase Genuine Zebra Thermal Transfer Ribbons?

Zebra thermal ribbons are engineered to maximize the performance of your Zebra Desktop Printer. Zebra ribbons are formulated to minimize printhead wear avoiding costly repairs and downtime.  Zebra thermal ribbons provide a crisp dark image for high speed scanning and dark human readable fonts.

Zebra ribbons are compliant with ROHS & Reach and FDA
indirect food contact regulations. In addition, all Wax/Resin
and Resin ribbons are UL-certified with specific Zebra

When you purchase Zebra thermal ribbons you can rest
assured that the:
• Print will be readable and scannable every time
• Print will withstand the environment in which it will
be used in
• Backcoating will not cause premature printhead failure
This ensures your operations run smoothly and enables you
to meet regulatory and customer requirements.

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