Manual Water Activated Tape Dispensers

Water Activated Tape Dispensers

Manual Tape Dispensers

Low cost manual water activated  tape dispensers provide a better carton seal then other carton sealing alternatives. Manual water activated tape machines are ideal for mobile carton sealing or where no electricity is available. You can still get the benefits of water activated tape AND enjoy the cost savings of a manual tape dispenser.

Water Activated Tape

Water Activated Tape

Water Activated Tape

More and more shippers are turning to water activated tape. Why? They are finding that water activated tape is cost effective since you use less tape per carton. Using less tape cuts costs by  using less tape. And less tape application means faster carton sealing – saving even more time and money! Savings and a more secure tamper evident carton seal makes water activated tape your best choice

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With over 38 years of service and sales, we know water activated tape dispensers. We back our machines with the longest warranty in the industry and maintain a full parts inventory, provide in-shop service and toll free tech support.

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