Zebra 10014716 Roll


 2″ x 1″ polypropylene thermal transfer labels. 4,680 labels per roll.


3″ core, 8″ outside diameter. 2″ x 1″ polypropylene thermal transfer labels. Price is per roll, 4,680 labels per roll. Perforation between labels. Formerly 10011687

Zebra PolyPro 4000T Thermal Transfer Labels 3″ Core

This is a matte polypropylene material that offers good scratch and smear resistance as well as good resistance to tearing. It also offers moderate resistance to many chemicals and solvents. PolyPro4000T is not a UL recognized material. Suggested applications include:   Chemical drum labeling UID compliance product labeling Medical device labeling Capital asset labeling Automotive labeling Appliance rating plate labeling Test tube labeling

Recommended Zebra Wax Resin Ribbons (3200, 5555 and 5586 Series)


Thermal transfer, matte Kimdura® polypropylene label with a permanent acrylic adhesive
Good smear/scratch resistance
Excellent chemical resistance
This material is suitable for fanfolding
Meets FDA 175.105 for indirect food contact
Available in white (05178RM)

Temperature Performance:

Minimum Application Temperature: 10° F (-12° C)
Service Temperature: -40° F to 250° F (-40° C to 121° C)
Storage Conditions: 32° F to 70° F (0° C to 21° C) at 35% to 50% RH
Expected Exterior Life 2 years

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Weight3 lbs
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