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Tape Length Sensor

E1-4SEN Tape Length Sensor for ALL Phoenix Tapers

The Tape Length Sensor includes the bracket

Quick Service Tip If your machine is dispensing very long tape lengths OR is defaulting to 1 size tape length the Tape Length Sensor could be the issue. First, check to make sure the cable coming off the sensor is plugged into the control board. You can also try adjusting the position of the sensor by loosening the 2 screws on the sensor bracket. Move the sensor up or down and retry a tape length. If this does not work replace the sensor

CAUTION When installing a new Tape Length Sensor make certain the metal measuring wheel is not rubbing on either post of the sensor. If it s it will burn out the new sensor, You can adjust the left to right position of the measuring wheel by loosening the collars on the upper feed wheel shaft

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