Better Pack 555e Magnetic Proximity Switch



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Magnetic Proximity Switch Assembly

Ref E555-075-01 Magnetic Proximity Switch for Better Pack 555e Tape Dispensers

Located on the left side frame the Magnetic Proximity Switch works in conjunction with the Magnet in the top cover to signal the key pad to operate.

Quick Service Tip  When the machine is turned on you should hear a beep sound. If you hear the beep but none of the length keys work it could be a  missing magnet in the top cover OR a bad Magnetic Proximity Switch. Check to see if the magnet is embedded in the top cover. If it is next check the Magnetic Proximity Switch. Carefully open the key drum cover by removing all 5 screws. DO NOT let the key drum fall over of the information cables from the key pad could break. Hold the cover up when removing the last screw then gently let it down onto the work surface. Remove the 2 white wires that connect the Switch to the Control Board. Then use a flat head screwdriver as a temporary jumper and touch the 2 posts on the Control Board. If you hear a click then the Magnetic Proximity Switch needs to be replaced You can also press a length key withthe screwdriver touching the 2 posts and if the machine works then replace the switch

Fits Better Pack 555e All Models

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