Better Packages 555 Troubleshooting Guides

bp555mainYou may find answers here to simple problems with your Better Pack 555 tape dispenser. You can also find our general maintenance tips, which help you avoid machine downtime and extend the life of your machine. We put our 25+ years of field service experience into this guide to help you. If you still have any maintenance questions, please feel free to call us toll-free at 1-800-899-9389. Our factory trained technicians are ready to assist you.

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Remember: Before undergoing any service on your machine, unplug it first.

Page 1: General Maintenance

To be done on a weekly (or at least monthly) basis.

Page 2: Feeds Shorter Strips of Tape

The most common cause is a worn upper feed wheel or an incorrect adjustment to the lower feed wheel.

Page 3: Feeds Longer Strips of Tape

Can be from maladjusted clutch and trip rollers or as simple as a key switch.

Page 4: Tape Feeds Slowly

Cause almost exclusively by trouble with the motor or its brushes.

Page 5: Tape Jams

Numerous causes, like glue build-up under the top heater.

Page 6: Machine Doesn’t Dispense Tape

The most common cause is a defective or improperly adjusted safety switch.

Page 7: One or More Key Switches Doesn’t Operate

If all the rest operate, it is probably because one or more are defective.

Page 8: Pressing One or More Key Switches Causes Machine to Run Constantly

Learn about two different kinds of “running constantly” and how to fix each one.

Page 9: Shears Not Cutting Tape

The shears could just be dull or maladjusted.

Page 10: Machine Leaks Water

Most likely caused by old moistening brushes.