Phoenix E-1 Troubleshooting Guides


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Page 1: General Maintenance

Basic general maintenance suggestions as well as in-depth service procedures designed to help you properly maintain your Phoenix electric tape dispenser. With simple proper maintenance you can extend the life of your tape dispenser as well as ensure that every carton is securely sealed.

Service Procedures:

Page 2: No Tape Dispensing

The pilot light comes on but no tape is dispensed when tape length selected.

Page 3: Dispensing Incorrect Tape Lengths

Tape lengths are dispensed too long or too short.

Page 4: Tape Jamming

Correcting frequent tape jams.

Page 5: Top Heater Problems

Insufficent or no heat from the top heater which prevents the sealing action of gummed tape.

Page 6: Tape Too Wet/Dry

Ensuring the most optimum moistness of the dispensed gummed tape for optimum sealing.

How To Install:

Page 7: Installing Lower Tape Plate

Page 8: Installing Upper Feed Wheel

Page 9: Installing Shear Kit

Page 10: Installing Top Heater

Page 11: Installing Motor Assembly

Page 12: Installing Parts Inside Keydrum

If you have any technical questions (parts or service) you can call us toll free at 1-800-899-9389.

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